The Trouble With Love Is

Dear Diary,  I solemnly swear this is the day I leave James for good. I know…I know…my promises to quit him have yielded naught. Diary, you must understand I want to leave him. My soul is screaming out for us to un-couple, my heart is straining against the dam of heartache he has made me… Continue reading The Trouble With Love Is


Favourites: January Edition

Thankful that January is over, I was almost afraid that I would wake up on 31st and find it extended to 32nd (this is of course impossible and a figment of my hyperactive imagination). Gosh January was awful and combined with the heat, the nationwide scarcity of money and politics taking a new turn (looking… Continue reading Favourites: January Edition


Birthday Post: What 27 Years Have Taught Me. 

🎉🎊Shout out to all the October babies; we are so cool people need Ray Bans to see us 😎. Super excited it’s my 27th birthday. Bring on the red velvet-black forest gateau mashup birthday cake & pinot noir, por favor🍰. Somewhere, galaxies away, God in his infinite wisdom and goodness is watching out for me.… Continue reading Birthday Post: What 27 Years Have Taught Me. 


30 Minute Love Affair

Update: So Mr. Stranger went ahead to write a response to our affair It was hot. Rachel was starting to feel beads of sweat running down her spine and could sense the lingering stares that the men passing by were giving her. Her little ritual was ruined. She toyed with the Uganda waragi tainted with… Continue reading 30 Minute Love Affair