30 Minute Love Affair

Update: So Mr. Stranger went ahead to write a response to our affair

It was hot. Rachel was starting to feel beads of sweat running down her spine and could sense the lingering stares that the men passing by were giving her. Her little ritual was ruined. She toyed with the Uganda waragi tainted with raspberry juice wishing she had ordered a neat Jack Daniels instead. Nodding to the bartender to give her the bill she suddenly started, startled when a large hand settled on the nape of her neck applying just the trifling hint of pressure. She turned to gaze at her accoster only for his hands to hold her chin in place. She was slightly alarmed and intrigued. Closing her eyes she took in a deep breath breathing in a blend of black orchid and magnolia. The cologne hit her strong, oozing of power and masculinity whispering hints of something forbidden. His hand traveled luxuriously from her neck to apples of her cheeks and without opening her eyes, turned in to immerse her senses into the feel of his touch. She could almost hear herself moan in contentment.

“Let’s get out of here,” he whispered.

Broken out of her reverie, she glanced up to look at the stranger meeting coffee brown eyes with just the slightest intimation of grey. His skin looked like it had been dipped in dark chocolate with the suggestion of stubble on his chin. He wore a midnight blue shirt paired with a leather jacket that did wonders sculpting his shoulders and arms. The man was pure, undiluted sex appeal, a chocolate morsel you wanted to savor over and over again.

She let him help her down from the bar stool, feeling his body ripple when he mashed their bodies together. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders to steady herself without breaking eye contact. His eyes darkened into an almost shadowy black and without looking away either progressed to transfer his hands from the small of her back to her derriere. She raised an eyebrow smiling at his cheekiness. He returned it revealing a deep dimple on his left cheek. She felt herself melting under his smile as her stomach did flips.

“Run-away lover” her inner angel shouted.

“No”, her other angel said. “We want this. We want this so bad”

They walked out of the lonely hotel lobby holding hands, like familiar lovers. She was trembling, sweaty palms in his larger-than-life hands and as she gazed at their entwined hands she imagined all the places she would let him touch and explore.

They stopped at her car, a golden brown Ford Kuga. He turned to face her, fingers lightly tracing the sensitive skin just above her wrist.

“You are not much of a talker, are you?” she asked staring up at him

“Sometimes words are unrequired. You are beautiful, you know that?” he said a look of reverence on his face.

She lowered her eyelids, shy that he would see her glow at his words.

“Here let me take care of that for you” he said and then swooped in

The hint of his lips shocked Rachel at first, savory and sweet as she tasted him and then it started. A few of the kindling caught on and like a chain started to lick the others causing them to glow like fireflies. The fireflies glowed brighter blooming into yellow red tongues tasting the wind and, as she fell deeper, the symphony grew into a crescendo of wild fire. She was in ecstasy.

This stranger was singing songs and in that moment she belonged with him, just talking in hot fevered breaths and moans. She was wet, hot and starting to lose her hold on sanity. She caressed the back of his neck and clutched to his arms refusing to let go. She wanted to melt into him, wrap her stiletto heeled feet around his waist and beg him to take her.

They leaned on the car door, him holding the small of her back and her gently grasping the lapels of his open shirt collar.

“Wow…..oh wow” he breathed

She closed her eyes sighing, feeling the warm tendrils of his warm husky breath graze her ear. She wanted to purr like a kitty cat at his voice.

“I know. I think I felt the earth tilt just a little bit” she whispered

“It did more than that. It quaked” he whispered back, his tongue flicking just below her earlobe.

She shivered. Gosh she wanted him.

“Meet me here tomorrow” he said suddenly leaving her bereft of his warmth.

“Not tomorrow, now!” she said, panicking a little bit

He laughed his rich husky laugh a beautiful sound in the silence of the night.

“Tomorrow I promise” he said, kissing her tenderly on her forehead. “Now let’s get you in the car before you catch a chill”

As she sat in the driver’s seat watching him walk to his car, she knew where he led she would follow.  She was hoping he would change his mind, turn around and come back to her.


This time Rachel ordered a Jack Daniels neat with just a few rocks. She wore a blue dress demurely covering her decolletage snaking down to reveal the creamy caramel darkness of her entire back with the zipper starting just above her backside. She was out on a mission to dazzle and seduce and this short easy access dress throwing off scents of Christian Lacroix would have to do the trick.

“Where is he?” She slowly scanned the bar area hoping to catch a glimpse of his bulk frame. Her eyes appreciatively lingered on a delicious fellow who dared to stare back her before she moved on. When she couldn’t see him, she sighed and perched herself more carefully on the bar stool. She was ready for the waiting game.

5 hours, 4 Jack Daniels and 3 Dirty Martinis later Rachel staggered slightly to her car. Her hopeful smile had turned to tears let down with neither sight nor sound of him. Catching her heel in a crack in the sidewalk she stumbled falling at the feet of a couple who, by the sounds of it, were getting hot and heavy. Mumbling an apology she stood up wearily sniffling and then the onslaught of Tom Ford hit her. He was here!

She followed the familiar smell to the kissing couple so lost in their passion.

It was him!

Arms wrapped around another woman, clasping her nape like he had done hers and his throaty moans in response to the heat. Anger smashed in, disbelief seized, wanton lust arose and on that sidewalk it hit her.

The illusion of him was more than she could know. He had fallen from the sky and in the shortest time taken her breath away. She would never regret he gave her such a beautiful lie.

Smiling sadly, broken heel and shoes in hand, she walked away into the embrace of darkness.

Yes, it was best where they left it.

As inspired by Paloma Faith and A Love Affair.



18 thoughts on “30 Minute Love Affair

  1. The man was pure, undiluted sex appeal, a chocolate morsel you wanted to savor over and over again.

    Excellent wordsmith!!!

    Even Allan Smithee would be proud!!

    As am i!



  2. Arms wrapped around another woman, clasping her nape like he had done hers and his throaty moans in response to the heat. Anger smashed in, disbelief seized, wanton lust arose and on that sidewalk it hit her……



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